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healthierfood's Journal

Stan Olson
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I have a degree in Political Science and an MBA in International Management. I enjoy and believe in simple virtues; believing that simplicity solves more problems than complexity. I lived in Denmark for 2 years; this experience changed my life and caused me to become a citizen with worldwide interests. I have traveled to all continents except Antarctica and Australia-there is still time for that. I speak, to some degree, Danish, German and Norwegian though the native speakers might disagree. My work career has included working for small companies and multi-national entities. My favorite positions is working directly with the customers and finding ways to best serve their needs. It is this preference that causes me now to begin my own business designed to directly impact all people, in a positive way.

The most important part of my life is the relationship I have with my wife, Orlene. She is the perfect wife for me, supportive, caring, intelligent, witty, spiritual, charitable and the best teacher of elementary children I have ever seen. Together we are beginning a new adventure and expect great results.
2nd hand lions, agriculture, blindside, children's fiction and non-fiction, enya, politics, problem solving, secret garden, speaking, travel with my wife